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P A U L   E V A N   H U G H E S  is the seven-time Independent Publisher Book Award-winning writer and editor of Silverthought Press, a publisher of fine speculative, transgressive, and literary fiction in print and online.

His work includes the novels Enemy, An End, and Broken: A Plague Journal, known collectively as the Silver Trilogy, the non-fiction experiments Deconstruct and [dying days], and the short fiction collection Certain Devastations. His writing has also appeared in the collections Alien Light, to wound the autumnal city, Barn and Snow, Silverthought: Ignition, and Thank You, Death Robot. The Grange, one section of the serialized collaborative fiction project Nightblind, will be released later this year. Hughes has also begun work on an untitled horror novel.

The 1996 valedictorian of Indian River Central High School, a 2000 graduate of St. Lawrence University, and a 2004 graduate of the Goddard College Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Art program, Hughes lives in Evans Mills, NY with his wife Doriann and sons Jacob and Charlie.

Currently a freelance editor and designer when he isn't managing Silverthought Press, in former lives, Hughes was a dairy farmer, a jazz musician, the creator of a mildly notorious video series about stuffed animals, an a cappella singer, a roofer, a chain smoker, a functional alcoholic, a janitor, an area supervisor for a major utility company, and the manager of the housekeeping division of a mall. True story.

For inquiries regarding design or editing services, please email Paul Hughes or click the appropriate links above for more details. A comprehensive resume, references, and work samples are available to potential clients upon request.

To submit work to Silverthought Press or its imprints, visit our submission manager. Please read our submission guidelines closely before uploading your manuscript query. Address all other publishing correspondence to editor@silverthought.com.

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