Professional Editing Services

Do you have a hot new manuscript that is going to set the publishing world on fire? Paul Hughes, award-winning editor and founder of Silverthought Press, offers a variety of editing services to writers. Hughes has over seven years of professional editing experience. Works edited by Hughes have received honors from some of the most esteemed competitions in the field of independent publishing, including the Booksurge Editor's Choice Award, the Independent Publisher Book Award, the DIY Book Festival Award, and the New York Book Festival Award. Whether you have a novel, a memoir, a how-to manual, a term paper, or a screenplay, Hughes will give your writing the attention it deserves. A list of some of the published works edited by Paul Hughes includes:

The Department of Off World Affairs
by Russell Lutz, 2008 (pending)
Planet of the Owls
by Mike Philbin, 2008 (pending)
by MIke Philbin, 2008 (pending)
Tales from the Kodiak Starport
by Justin Oldham, 2008
Bleach | Blackout
by David S. Grant, 2008
Chaise by Becci Noblit Goodall
, 2007
The Trinity
by David LaBounty, 2007
A Dark and Deadly Valley
(Mike Heffernan, acquisitions editor; Paul Hughes, managing editor), 2007
Bronze Medal, 2008 Independent Publisher Book Award for Horror

by Mike Heffernan, 2007
Red Ivy Afternoon
by Mark R. Brand, 2006
          Bronze Medal, 2007 Independent Publisher Book Award for Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Iota Cycle by Russell Lutz, 2006
          Winner, 2006 DIY Book Festival Award for Science Fiction
          Honorable Mention, 2007 New York Book Festival Award for Science Fiction
The Perfect Revolution by David LaBounty (written as Oscar Deadwood), 2006
Broken: A Plague Journal by Paul Hughes, 2005
          Finalist, 2006 Independent Publisher Book Award for Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Corporate Porn by David S. Grant, 2005
Silverthought: Ignition, edited by Paul Hughes, 2005
          Honorable Mention, 2006 Independent Publisher Book Award for Fantasy/Sci-fi
Art Teacher Evidence by Jodi Patterson, 2004
Art Teacher Manifesta by Jodi Patterson, 2004
The Leaf Collector by Chris Puchala, 2003
An End by Paul Hughes, 2002
          Winner, 2003 Independent Publisher Book Award for Fantasy/Sci-fi
Exit the Game by Jane Davenport, 2002
To Wound the Autumnal City, edited by Paul Hughes, 2001
Alien Light, edited by Paul Hughes and Carl Rafala, 2001
Dark Trade by La Mont Jerrett, 2001
[dyingdays] by Paul Hughes, 2000
Enemy by Paul Hughes, 2000
          Winner, 2002 Booksurge Editor's Choice Award
Deconstruct by Paul Hughes, 2000

In addition to editing novels, Hughes has worked as an academic skills mentor, a research assistant, a teaching assistant, and the executive editor of Silverthought Press, an independent publisher of speculative fiction.  His editing clients have ranged from doctoral students to children's authors to emerging and established writers in the fields of science fiction and horror. Contact information for previous/current clients and references is available upon request. His resume is available here: curriculum vitae.

Hughes offers the following services to clients:

Services and Fees:

Proofreading (Line Editing): sentence-level editing

Editing: proofreading corrections with extensive suggestions Rewriting: extensive document revision Writing: creation of an assignment based on client direction Research: gathering of reliable, relevant information

Additional Services:

Costs for all services are negotiable. Discounts offered to long-term clients. The editor will provide a nondisclosure or confidentiality agreement for clients who require one.

Methods of payment:

Paul Hughes accepts the following forms of payment:

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